WASP 1.0

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Released: Dec 20, 2007
Updated: Dec 21, 2007 by Jaykul
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Release Notes

This is the first public release of the WindowsAutomation Snapin for PowerShell

It includes a bugfix over the version posted yesterday on my blog, and should be enough to get this party started.
  • Select-Window - pick windows by process name or window caption (with wildcard support)
  • Select-Control - pick controls by class and/or name and/or index (with wildcard support)
  • Send-Click - send mouse clicks (any button, with any modifier keys)
  • Send-Keys - Windows.Forms.SendKeys lets you send keys ... try this: Select-Window notepad | Send-Keys "%(ea)Testing{Enter}{F5}" (and for extra fun, try it with multiple notepad windows open).
  • Set-WindowActive - yeah, just activates the window
  • Set-WindowPosition - set any one of (or all of) top, left, width, height on a window ... or maximize/minimize/restore
  • Get-WindowPosition - get the position (kind-of redundant, actually, since the Window object has it's position as a property)
  • Remove-Window - closes the specified window

There's no help right now, so get used to using Get-Command -PSSnapin WindowAutomation | fl Name, ParameterSets and checking out the ParameterSets using ... hopefully you can figure it out from that for now. Oh, one other thing, there might be a few extras hiding in these:

[Huddled.Wasp.WindowExtenders] | Get-Member -static
[Huddled.Wasp.WindowFinder] | Get-Member -static

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