Help using GetChildren() to get untitled controls

Sep 20, 2011 at 5:20 PM

We have a simple csharp windows application that we are trying to call within powershell.  We are currently using WASP to set a couple text controls and tab to a start button to run the windows app.

However we are just blindly setting text and tabbing a couple times to get to the next text box and blindly setting the text and tabbing a couple times to the start button and hitting enter.

I would like to be able to explicitly get the controls by using the title.  I was able to figure this out for the start button since the title was "Start" however for the three EDIT controls, they do not have a title, they are all blank.

And it appears I can only get Title, Class and Handle properties of the controls using the GetChildren.

So is there something I can set in the csharp windows application to expose other properties or is there something else in powershell I can use to expose the textbox name?

Note, when I put in bogus value in the text property in csharp, that was returned as the title in powershell, however I do not want to rely on setting text field in my windows app, I would like to use the given Name property of the text control in powershell.